Sannii Crespina-flores

Sannii Crespina-flores is the founder of the Un-Inhibited Muse Film Festival, the global youth initiative Do Remember Me and the art collaborative Yram Collective. She has screened work at the 60th Cannes and was awarded the grand prize for the short story challenge at the 15th Sundance Film Festivals. Her work has been on exhibit in Budapest, Colombia, South Africa, London, Italy, the United Nations (NY) as well local galleries. She has received grants from the City of Philadelphia, AT&T, 30AMP, Mind Media Independence, Independence Public Media Foundation , Wyncote Foundation.  and the Leeway Foundation to create works for independent television, cultural organizations . She is the board chair of the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation and a member of the Writers Guild of America(East) Caucus. She has also contributed to academic publications and created learning guides for TED Ed, National Geographic and the Hip Hop Education Center.

Jade is a thirteen year old African-American girl living in North Philadelphia during the transition from gang wars to drug kingpins. A product of a catholic school education and respectability politics for a “good” black girl, she struggles with her wild and free tomboy nature.

The summer brings changes to her body, her family and the way she views the world.

Her favorite person on the planet, the only person who “sees” her, her great grandmother, is lost to her due to dementia. When Jade is asked to help care for her great grandmother, she is excited to not have to babysit her siblings but has no idea how much this summer will change her.