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Women are born divine, conjuring, loving, mystical and magical beings. Songs have been sung, beautiful poems written and wars fought in the hopes of capturing their hearts. In the tender space between bubble gum and Barbie, transitioning to high heels and red rouge, women, have learned to pack parts of ourselves into small spaces. Moonbeams and Holy Water is a space were women can come together and unpack themselves and fully unfold, nurturing those sacred places kept packed away so long they have lost their names.  This gathering creates a rhythm that causes the dust to rise and the ground to cry out.  Women carry this song in their bones. It will be art they birth. This art will be created from memory; an inheritance and sacred passage into womanhood. 

Moonbeams and Holy Water is the alchemy of art and healing. It is the poetic and photographic journey of traditions, cultures, rights of passage and milestones. The  project is a series of prose and photographs created to address invisible wounds and to challenge racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, ageism and to celebrate being women. 

Moonbeams and Holy Water is bridge work to validating feelings which are deeply suppressed, that others have encouraged women to deny so that a part of one's humanness is left silenced in main stream media.

Moonbeams and Holy Water is an ever evolving project. This process of questioning mainstream cultural beliefs while shifting the lens of perceptions of power and privilege and the dynamics associated with justice, equality, accountability and joy.

We are pleased to announce on October 20, 2020, the e-book "Machetes are forged in Soft Rivers" will be available on Amazon kindle and Apple iBook. We will also be launching the podcast "Moonbeams" October 20,  2020. I hope you will join us!


2006, 2018, 2020

Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant


2007, 2013

Philadelphia Activity Fund Grant



Asian Arts Initiative Honorarium



Mind Media Independence, Philadelphia Stories 7





Sundance Film Institute Short Story Challenge Grand Prize



Sadsbury Friends Community Award



 Noyes Museum of Art



@30 AMP

Independence Public Media Foundation and the Wyncote Foundation.  




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